Here we go again. After the success of Britain's Got Talent, more and more people are interested in talented singer, who do may not be physical appealing. I was talking about the exact same issue yesterday in the case of Stefania Fernandez winning the Miss Universe 2009 and now it happens to Danyl Johnson from The X Factor. "daniel johnston britains got talent, daniel johnson, daniel johnston britains got talent" keywords are some of the top searches on Google today. First, I thought it was a different contestant though I suspected another misspelling case. Still, I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

Heidi Montag Lap Dance VIDEO

Watch unedited footage from MTV's The Aftershow which features fame-whore Heidi Montag giving hubby Spencer Pratt some "Body Language" of his own. Now that's intermission number, not unlike her awful Miss Universe performance, even CNN news anchor blasted Heidi Montag's lip-synching performance at Sunday night's Miss Universe pageant. In the video, Heidi Pratt sway her hips, dancing in the afterparty. Meanwhile, host Jessi Cruickshank sat next to them looking visibly uncomfortable.

Heidi Pratt Playboy PHOTOS | Heidi Montag Playboy

The video was taken after her Miss Universe 2009 Pageant performance, as you can see the host Jesse Cruickshank was clearly embarrassed while Spencer checking to see if the camera's on. It's You And Me For the World to Relive.