Maricar Reyes - Hayden Kho s*e*x scandal Part 2

Rumors have it that there is a Maricar Reyes-Hayden Kho sex video. Actually, some say there are a total of 41 sex videos in Kho's collection. Maricar Reyes recently was replaced by Angel Locsin in the Moddess ad.

UPDATE: Maricar Reyes S*e*x scandal PART 3 is now online. Hayden And Maricar are doing it in the SALA. Is she still unaware of what's going on?

Here's an KFC ad Watch out on 0:23:

the Maricar Reyes - Hayden Kho video scandal Part 2 looks hotter than the Katrina Halili- Hayden Kho Scandal, the one with Maricar Reyes comes out with bed-wracking

How dangerous technology is. Oww, I noticed my flash disk is missing, oh my videos!

More Maricar videos still to come!

Let us support Hayden Kho’s turn-flings-into-porn-stars so-you-dont-have-to-ogle. Let’s make this dude feel “glorious” and “successful” so he won’t stop doing the things he does in his free time, with a nekkid lady. Let’s give him the encouragement he needs, and a wishlist containing your favorite female stars he should nail and video (Angel Locsin!) video

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