Ashley Greene Scandal Nude and Dirty PHOTOS

As one site said before that Twilight star Ashley Greene is a dirty hottie in the making. Naughty nude pictures of Ashley Greene have just hit the web. After the Vanessa Hudgens scandal 2009, here comes alleged Ashley Greene scandal dirty photos leaked on the net, showing a sexy Ashley Greene with no clothes on. Greene, who starred as Alice Cullen in the two Twilight Movies. Me asks is this viral promotion for the movie New Moon?

Too bad there aren't many male fans of the Twilight saga. The 22-year-old actress just got her newfound stardom via these naked snaps. If there's one thing you will learn from this, don't send anyone nakeid photos of yourself. According to some press reports, her legal counsel have already issued a statement about the alleged scandal pictures that were leaked. But can this legal actions stop the Ashley Greene bush wildfire?

Here’s what I still don’t get. I’m sure there are girls out there who take pictures for their boyfriends. Why do celebs do this, especially when they are famous? But if you’ve got big aspirations in Hollywood, Ashley Greene still under the radar despite her Twilight casting. Chill on the nude pics. We’ve seen enough.

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