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Heidi Pratt Playboy Pictures - Heidi Pratt Playboy Interview. Certain things in life just go together: chocolate and peanut butter, death and taxes, TMZ and Britney. But no two names are more closely linked than the most addictive couple on The Hills: Heidi Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt, the show’s entertaining archvillain. We asked Spencer if he’d like to interview his wife on the subject of her appearance in Playboy. Totally fame whore!

Spencer: Heidi, look at you. You’re in Playboy. Let’s make this the most famous interview ever.

Spencer: And what about all those bozos talking shit about you—the Chelsea Handlers of the world. Is that ever hard for you?

Heidi: I just roll my eyes and move on. First of all, it’s so much fun that people know who I am and actually care enough to talk. I’m turning 23, from a tiny town in Colorado. This is exciting for me. We love the Soup guy [Joel McHale, host of the weekly comedy show on E!]. God bless him, he’s making us famous. As for other women, if they aren’t hating on you, then you’re not doing anything right.If women aren’t jealous of you, talking about you and cutting you down, then you’re the nerd, and I would never want to be that.

Spencer: Look at how many people follow you on Twitter, baby. It’s close to half a million and growing every second.

Heidi: Twitter rocks. The millions of people waiting for season six of The Hills love us. And it’s not about Lauren Conrad, because she’s not even on the show this season. Which is fine with me.

Heidi: Spencer! Okay, I have a question for you: How many phones do you have?

Spencer: I have one, two [takes phones out], three, four—four with me today. The Nokia N95 is for video content, and the BlackBerry is best for e-mails because they get pushed the fastest. The iPhone is for my blogging and to tap TMZ, Perez Hilton or Us Weekly, and the Sidekick is for my Twitter army—400,000 and growing. If I mix these gadgets up, business will shut down for the day.

Spencer: Honestly, I think the reality was it wasn’t even sex. It was just fooling around. Maybe we should do a sex tape.

Heidi: No way. I’ve never watched porn in my life. I’m not going to start making it.

Spencer: You’re right. Plus who needs a sex tape when we have a live feed to our 70-inch HD screen in the bedroom and all those mirrors. It would be like Tiger Woods watching his swing. Life with you is like 24/7 porn but without the obnoxious charges. [They kiss.] Okay, next question. If everybody thinks I’m the biggest d bag on the planet, why would you marry me?

Heidi: You have a lot of qualities the world can’t see, and I get to experience them.

Heidi: Some things are private. Our sex life is private.

SPENCER: I totally 100 percent disagree. Privacy doesn’t exist, which is why I love my life. I love that we live every waking moment for everyone to see.

Heidi: You know, I was never very sexual before I met you, Spencer. I knew what sex was, but when I met you I entered into a whole new realm of understanding, from fantasy to love. Or to experience a day with 20 or 30 orgasms. Before you, sex was just something that happened. Now it’s something I look forward to every minute of the day.

Spencer: The plane on New Year’s Eve. How about that, when I initiated you into the Mile High Club? Holy shit!

Heidi: That was maybe the best experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. First flying to New York on a private jet and then getting to fulfill the fantasy of all fantasies. The hardest part was, like, keeping quiet so the pilots wouldn’t come back. Honestly, I feel as if I’m just beginning to know my body with you. You’re waking me up to what’s possible, and it makes me want to try every new thing, doing it all kinds of ways— indoors, outdoors, upside down. I feel sorry for couples who aren’t as sexually satisfied as we are. If your sex life isn’t happy, your marriage is screwed.

Spencer: What was your first experience with Playboy like?

Heidi: Honestly, I didn’t know about the magazine when I was a kid. I’m from a really religious community, so it wasn’t discussed. It wasn’t till much later that I realized how large Playboy looms in every man’s mind, that when guys reach a certain age they get a Playboy magazine. But it has definitely changed my life—or maybe I should say it has shaped me. [laughs]

Heidi: Well, when I was shopping for my boobs, I wanted the best, so I sat down and flipped through a bunch of Playboys. The women are so hot— Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Marilyn Monroe, all the Playmates. So iconic.
When the magazine asked me to pose I understood what an honor it was. Once you’re on the cover of Playboy you’re officially a sex symbol,which is something you can’t get the same way by doing anything else.

Heidi: I remember the first time I came into your house in the Hollywood Hills and saw your walls covered with Centerfolds.

Spencer: You weren’t too happy about it. Being a good Jesus lover you made me take them all down. But now I have my own real live Playboy dream girl so I don’t need that wallpaper anymore. I have poster-size images from this shoot, which I put up in my bathroom. Now when I’m peeing I get to see a 10-foot naked photo of my wife, and I’m like, "Damn, I’m one lucky mf-er".

Heidi: I honestly believe God didn’t invent our bodies for us to be ashamed of them. The body is a beautiful creation. If anything, the reason I didn’t show everything is because I plan to get a few more upgrades.

Heidi: I’m sure as I get older I’ll need some touch-ups. I’m definitely not done with my surgical quest. I think I want to go bigger on my boobs for you.

Spencer: Awesome. How big?

Heidi: Triple X.

Owww... that's Heidi, isn't she hot?

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